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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers, potential customers, suppliers, job applicants and visitors to, and ("the websites", "these websites", "our websites"). Please read the following notice (hereinafter: 'Privacy Policy') to understand how we collect and use your personal data, and the rights you have in relation to your personal data.

References in this Privacy Policy to personal data refer to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on the date mentioned at the bottom of this document and may be adapted from time to time. It is therefore advised to check this policy regularly.

In the event that you provide us with personal data about another individual, you must: (i) inform the individual about the content of this Privacy Policy and any other applicable privacy notices provided to you by Teal Partners and (ii) obtain her or his permission to share such personal data with us in accordance with this Privacy Policy and other applicable privacy notices provided by Teal Partners.

1. Who is responsible for personal data?

Teal Partners is the controller of all personal data it processes about its customers, potential customers, suppliers, job applicants and website visitors. Teal Partners is a private limited liability company incorporated under Belgian law, having its offices at Damplein 23, 2060 Belgium, and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0642.824.542 ("Teal Partners", "we", "our").

Our contact details are set out in article 11 below.

2. What personal data do we process?

The personal data we collect and process about you will differ depending upon our relationship. We will hold different types of personal data if you are a customer, a potential customer, a supplier, an applicant or a visitor to our website, or you have enquired about our services.

Below, we provide you with more information on the type of personal data we process.


Potential customers


Job applicants

3. What personal data do we collect through our website?

You are not obliged to provide us with any personal data when browsing our website. Some of the functionalities provided on our website, however, require you to provide us with certain personal data (for example when you wish to download an E-book or client case).

If you contact us by phone or email via the general contact details/the contact details of our employees on our websites, we collect and store your contact details (such as first name, last name and email address).

Furthermore, when you browse our website, certain user and device data may be collected. This information may not reveal your identity and therefore may not be personal data. Examples of this type of user and device data are: internet browser and electronic device information, information collected through cookies, pixel tags and other technologies, demographic information, and aggregated data (i.e., data grouped together so that it is not possible to link the data to a particular individual). We and our third-party service providers may collect user and device data in a variety of ways when you use our website, including through your internet browser or electronic device.

Finally, we draw your attention to the fact that our websites may contain hyperlinks to other websites/social media. When you click on one of these links, you will leave our website. You may be directed to another website or internet source that knowingly or via cookies or other technologies collects information about you. Teal Partners does not control whether and how these external websites or internet sources use your personal data. You should therefore always carefully read the privacy statements of these external websites and internet sources.

4. For what purposes do we use personal data?

The purposes of processing your personal data will be different depending on our relationship.


Potential customers


Job applicants

As a potential customer, you are not obliged to provide any personal data to us. If you are a customer or a supplier, the provision of certain personal data is a statutory or contractual requirement (e.g. we need certain personal data of customers for billing purposes). If you are a job applicant, the provision of certain personal data is required in order to sign a contract.

5. What are the legal grounds for our use of personal data?

Applicable data protection legislation requires us to be transparent about the legal grounds or justification for the processing of personal data. We generally rely on the following legal grounds for the processing of personal data.

  1. 1. Your consent. In many cases, your personal data will be processed by Teal Partners on the basis of your consent. We may seek your consent in writing or electronically. When seeking your consent, we will inform you about how your data will be used, as well as the purposes. In some circumstances, such as telephone conversations, consent can be given verbally. When you have provided your consent, you can withdraw it at any time.
  2. 2. Necessary for the performance of a contract. Personal data of customers may be processed by us in order to establish, perform and terminate a contract (e.g. for the provision of our services). Prior to a contract – during the precontractual phase – personal data may be processed to prepare bids or to fulfil other requests of the potential customer that relate to contract conclusion. Prospects can be contacted during the contract preparation process using the information that they have provided.
  3. 3. Legal obligations to which we are subject. In some cases, we may need to process your personal data because applicable laws or regulations require, request or allow it.
  4. 4. Our legitimate interests. In many cases, we process your personal data because we have a legitimate business interest in doing so. This is the case, for example, when processing your personal data to communicate with you, to improve the quality of our services, and to manage our business operations and IT infrastructure. Depending on the specific processing, the legitimate interests of Teal Partners will in general consist of (i) the pursuit of our business activities and commercial objectives; (ii) the protection of our business, partners, shareholders and customers; (iii) the improvement or further development of our services and our business operations in general; (iv) the compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, standards, guidelines and/or (v) the maintenance and improvement of our position on the market.

The legal basis for Teal Partners' processing of personal data depends on our relationship. Below, we have set out the main legal justifications that apply to the processing of personal data by Teal Partners.


Potential customers


Job applicants

6.Who may personal data be shared with?

As a function of the purposes described in Article 4 above, we may need to share your personal data. Teal Partners is selective in the parties to whom it provides data and chooses them carefully. We always ensure that there are sufficient guarantees for data protection and confidentiality. When we share your data, the recipients of your personal data are not allowed to use it for purposes other than those as contractually agreed. These external parties may thus receive and/or process your personal data only according to very clearly defined instructions.

Specifically, we may share your personal data with parties belonging to the following categories:

In addition, we would like to make you aware that personal data may be collected by social networks when you use a social plug-in on our website (LinkedIn/Instagram).

7. Where do we process personal data?

Your personal data will be kept in Belgium, another country within the European Economic Area or a destination country which, according to the European Commission, offers an adequate level of protection. In the event of a transfer of data to a destination country that does not in itself offer an adequate level of protection according to the European Commission, Teal Partners will agree with the party in question on the necessary contractual safeguards by concluding a European Commission's model data protection contract (so-called standard contractual clauses).

8. How do we protect personal data?

Teal Partners has in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent or act against any unauthorised and unlawful processing or disclosure, as well as accidental loss, modification or destruction of personal data. Before the introduction of new methods of data processing, particularly new IT systems, technical and organisational measures to protect personal data will be defined and implemented by Teal Partners.

These measures will be based on the state of the art, the risks of processing, and the need to protect the personal data. Furthermore, these technical and organisational measures for protecting personal data will regularly be adjusted to the technical developments and organisational changes.

9. How long do we keep personal data?

We will keep your personal data no longer than necessary for the purposes for which we collected the data. The precise period will depend on the purposes for which we hold your personal data. In addition, there are laws and regulations that apply and which set periods for retention of personal data.

10. What rights do you have as a data subject?

As a data subject, you enjoy the following rights vis-à-vis Teal Partners:

The above rights may be applicable in certain circumstances only and may be subject to certain conditions, exemptions or exceptions as set out in applicable data protection legislation.

11. Who to contact about your personal data?

If you have any questions or concerns about the manner in which your personal data is used by us, you can contact us by email or regular mail using the contact details below:

Last updated: 25 January 2024