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Responsible Disclosure Policy

This is the Responsible Disclosure Policy of Teal Partners. Teal Partners is a private company with limited liability under Belgian law, with registered offices at Damplein 23, 2060 Belgium, and which is registered at the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under company number 0642.824.542 ("Teal Partners", "we", "our").

Last update of this policy is mentioned at the bottom of this document. This policy may be adapted, modified or supplemented at any time, as well as terminated. We therefore advice you to regularly check this document.


Teal Partners considers the security of our systems and data a top priority.

No matter how much effort we put into the security of our systems and data, vulnerabilities can still be present. Should you discover a security vulnerability, we ask you to report the vulnerability to us through the process of coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities as described in this policy, also known as responsible disclosure. By doing this, we can safely take steps to address the security vulnerability as quickly as possible to improve the security of our systems and data.


List of the websites within the scope of this policy:

Systems dependent on third parties are outside the scope of this policy, unless these third parties explicitly agree in advance to these rules.

Which security vulnerabilities can be reported?

The responsible disclosure process is intended for reporting suspected vulnerabilities in our systems, including our websites - and - that can be abused and/or lead to amongst others:

The responsible disclosure process is not intended for reporting:

How to report security vulnerabilities?

These actions are strictly prohibited because they can cause harm to Teal Partners, its staff or its clients. Therefore in any event they will be considered and treated as targeted attacks.

In these and other cases, Teal Partners will not guarantee that you will not be prosecuted since there is a risk that the authorities will take the necessary measures in response to such attacks. In any case, in those circumstances Teal Partners itself will also consider filing criminal charges.

What happens to reported vulnerabilities?

Further information

If you have any questions or remarks regarding this policy, please contact us through [email protected].

In case of doubt about the applicability of this policy, please contact us first via the above email address in order to ask for explicit permission.

Applicable law

Belgian law shall apply to any disputes relating to the application of this policy.

Last updated: 25 January 2024