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Terms of Service Viren

These are the terms and conditions of service of Viren ("Terms of Service").

These Terms of Service should be read and understood together with the separate agreement ("Agreement") to be entered into by the customer ("Customer") with Teal Partners in relation to Viren.

Teal Partners is a limited liability company incorporated under Belgian law, with its registered office at Damplein 23, 2060 Belgium, and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0642.824.542 ("Teal Partners", "we", "us", "our", "our").

The Customer and Teal Partners are collectively referred to as "Parties" and separately as "Party".

These Terms of Service are subject to change, for example due to new functionalities of Viren. We therefore recommend consulting these Terms of Service on a regular basis.



In case of conflict between the provisions of these Terms of Service and the Agreement concluded separately between the Customer and Teal Partners, the provisions contained in the separate Agreement concluded between the Parties shall prevail at all times.

In addition to the aforementioned Agreement, a Data Processing Agreement shall also be concluded between the Parties.

User registration and obligations

Authorised Users must register to access the Service.

Authorised Users agree to provide accurate information for the purpose of accurate registration.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights in relation to the standard software and the Service shall remain with Teal Partners. This Agreement grants the Customer only a temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferable limited right to use the standard software of the Service.

The Customer is prohibited from (i) modifying, reproducing, copying, lending, or distributing the whole or any part of the Standard Software or the Service, (ii) creating a derivative work, (iii) attempting by reverse engineering or in any other way to discover the source code or (iv) sublicensing or transferring in any way.

The content and structure of the Teal Partners website, including all texts, images, photographs, logos, software, databases and any other element of information appearing on the Teal Partners website, are protected by one or more intellectual property rights (including copyright) which are and remain the exclusive property of Teal Partners. The Customer is prohibited from (re)using or reproducing them in any way (beyond the normal use of the Service), and in any way removing or modifying references to Teal Partners' intellectual property rights, without Teal Partners' express prior written consent.

To the extent Parties wish to mention each other's (trade or company) name and logos (registered or unregistered trademarks) for specific commercial purposes, they will always obtain the other Party's prior explicit consent before using them. The Parties give their prior consent to the use of each other's (trade or company) name and logos (whether or not registered trademarks) for the communication of their cooperation on their respective websites.


Each Party shall keep confidential all information it receives relating to the other Party, its technical and operational structure, its products and services, its financial information, its personal data, materials, its intellectual property and the Service.

All information exchanged may only be used for the performance of the Agreement and may only be shared with employees within a Party's organisation who have a need to know such information. Neither Party has the right to disclose confidential information to a third party without the prior written consent of the other Party. Both Parties undertake to take reasonable measures to protect the other Party's confidential information, which in any case will be no less stringent than the measures it takes for its own confidential information.

The following types of information do not constitute confidential information:

If a Party is required by a law or decision of a regulatory, administrative or otherwise competent authority to disclose confidential information, that Party shall notify the other Party of such request, if permitted, in order to enable that Party to take the necessary measures to prevent or limit disclosure. If the Party obliged to disclose the information is not entitled to inform the other Party, the disclosure of confidential information shall be limited to what is strictly necessary for that Party to comply with it and it shall inform the other Party that it has disclosed the information as soon as permitted.

This confidentiality obligation will apply during and for five years (5) after termination of the Agreement.

Data protection

Each Party shall at all times comply with its respective obligations under all applicable data protection laws in respect of all personal data processed under the Agreement.

To the extent that Teal Partners would process personal data on behalf of the Customer in its capacity as processor, the Customer, in its capacity as controller, remains responsible for determining the purpose and manner of processing and Teal Partners shall comply with all instructions reasonably provided by the Customer in this regard.

The Parties will enter into a separate data processing agreement (processor agreement). This processor agreement will be included as a separate annex to the Agreement concluded between the Parties.


Teal Partners' liability is limited as provided for in the separate Agreement concluded between the Parties.


Either party may terminate the Service on the terms agreed in the separate Agreement concluded between the Parties.

Applicable law

These Terms of Service and the separate Agreements associated with them are governed exclusively by Belgian law.

Last updated: 25 January 2024