Solves the management and exploitation of complex calculations

Viren empowers teams to build powerful software when dealing with an ever-increasing volume and complexity of regulations.
Calculation engine
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Document and share calculation knowledge

Enable your business experts to document and manage their calculations in one central location and start sharing knowledge within your organisation.

Keep track of changes and guarantee compliance

Keep track of changes and get a clear overview of the continuously changing regulation using the advanced versioning capabilities. Or even predict the impact of upcoming (legislative) changes by adding future versions.

Accelerate time to market

Accelerate your business by optimizing the necessary time involved in managing the ever-changing regulatory framework and get a head start when building new software solutions on top of existing knowledge.

Boost your performance

Process tens of thousands of calculations per second and get instant feedback about the calculation results. With the Viren-platform, the days are over in which calculating takes hours or even days to complete.

Optimize decision taking

Enable users to generate, simulate and compare different scenarios to support their quest in reaching the optimal situation. The extreme performance and advanced versioning mechanism allow real-time simulation with both data and upcoming legislation.

Realize a true digital trust

Get access to all the details related with a calculation to enable a true "digital trust" both at design time, when implementing the calculation, and at runtime, when executing a calculation.


Monthly calculations


Knowledge models

55 ms

Avg calculation time